Since It’s Been 4 Days


I realize that I haven’t blogged in a few days, I’ve been meaning to, but as soon as I realize it, it’s too late at night to post about the day. So here I am, 4 days later, eager to fill you guys in on the past couple of days 🙂


On Monday morning, I woke up early and to me, I had a productive day. I woke up, drank some Chai tea and read a book, and later I did the dishes and took a shower all before noon.

money and coffee 012

Also, I’ve been doing Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo A Day challenge (I linked you to her blog – there is more information about it there!) and Monday’s prompt was ‘money’. I had some fun with that one.

money and coffee 018 money and coffee 035


I think I spent all of Tuesday reading, taking pictures, and sitting outside since it was an amazing day for it. I know that Tuesday’s prompt was ‘view’. I decided that since everyone I saw was sharing pictures of the sky or things like that, I took a P.O.V. shot {or two!}.

my view 006 my view 007

Looking through my pictures, I see that I did take them on Tuesday, so I will just share a couple since tomorrow is another Photo Friday 🙂

pictures... lots of pictures 014 pictures... lots of pictures 055


Yesterday was pretty rough, so there wasn’t really many pictures from it. I did take some on my phone though, and I will update this post once I get them on my computer. I read 60 pages of a book I checked out from the library.




Today is the 6th year since MJ passed, and also marked 6 years since I got my hair cut for my surgery {you are probably wondering – “you freak, how do you remember the exact day you got your hair cut??” – well, since one of the hairstylists came in and announced that Michael Jackson died, how couldn’t I?}

Well, it was rainy and gloomy this morning, but it got beautiful out and still is.


I decided that black and white was the only filter acceptable for that picture. I was so happy that the rain was gone, and I wake up, and it’s there again. I was so happy to see the sun start shining.

picture perfect due 006 picture perfect due 022 picture perfect due 027 picture perfect due 032

Also, I used that picture of me walking down the path for today’s photo prompt – ‘depth of field’! It was fun doing, I always put depth of field in my mind while taking photos!

I hope all is well with those who are reading this! I have been enjoying all the sunshine!


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