Just A Little Update

I haven’t been able to post since Friday because we had a bad storm on Saturday morning, with terrible winds and it knocked our power out. Thankfully, I slept through it and had no clue that we lost power, but it was a rollercoaster. The past 2 days {Saturday & Sunday} felt like 4 days strung together because time drug on. My dad came and got the kids early since he still had power {along with so many others in a town like 10-15 mins away from us, yet people way up north, up to 30 mins away, lost power as well}. Mom and I ended up going out to dinner at Bandido’s since we had to give all our food to my dad. We shared a fried ice cream as well.

target and bandidos3

After that, we went to Target for a little while to pass time.

target and bandidos2

target and bandidos1

Then I went to my sister’s and stayed on Saturday night because she still had power. We ended up getting our power restored last night, 37 hours later. My brother yelled “Sweet mother Jesus!” when it did. It was hilarious. We all were yelling “power! power! it’s back on!” and started turning on lights since it was almost 9:30 at night when it did come back. It was nice being in an air conditioned house again! Also, I apologize for not doing the Photo Friday, it completely slipped my mind and I failed to do it. I may or may not get them posted soon!

Until next time,



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