scoliosis awareness

Okay, so one thing about me is that I have/had scoliosis. During my yearly checkup in April 2009, they noticed that I had a severe curvature of my spine. They were shocked, as they had not caught it at my previous checkup. I guess it happened during that year. They immediately referred me to ONE to talk about a brace, or even more, surgery.

We skipped the entire brace process and had to go into surgery, and they scheduled it 2 months later as it was that severe of a curve. I don’t remember the exact degree, but I know it was pretty bad. During the 2 months between appointments, my curve progressed even more and was aggressive. It was talked about how I could die if I didn’t have the surgery, as it could crush vital organs.

On June 30, 2009, at the young age of 9, I went under the knife for 6 hours for the spinal fusion surgery. I have two rods connected by screws in my back to fuse my spine together. I have a 17-18 inch scar on my back. I was stuck in a brace for a couple of months. I used to hate it, but now I embrace it. I am who I am today because of it. Each year I celebrate another year of living, because I don’t know how long I would have lasted if it weren’t for the surgery. I am extremely blessed and thankful for it.

pictures 015
Side view
pictures 026
Rods and screws in my back!
Not sure the exact time stamp on this, but this was me in the hospital.
Not sure the exact time stamp on this, but this was me in the hospital.

So here’s to 6 years! If any of you have a story like this or have gone through the same thing, please tell me about it in the comments!


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