Happy July!

I am so excited for the month of July! I will explain why in just a second!


Alright, so here are the main reasons why I am so excited for this month:

  • it is my birth month {July 14th is my birthday!}
  • it is smack dab in the middle of summer at this point
  • we are going to Indiana Dunes on the 4th of July {as long as the forecast holds up to its word}!
  • since our plans fell through last Saturday, my best friend and I plan on rescheduling our movie date to the weekend before my birthday
  • fireworks
  • my mom is taking my birthday off so we can go out and bond and shop for my bday!
  • sunshine
  • my phone just might be turned back on!
  • it’s just a happy month

I am just so happy that it is July.


Author: slechlei

My name is Sarah & I really like history, photography, books, cats, Jesus, & coffee. INFJ.

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