My day so far and it’s only 11:30am

minimalistic maybe 028I have done a ton of productive stuff this morning already. I woke up at 8am, I made myself a mug of Chai, I sat outside and took pictures & since it felt like it was going to rain I put the mower back in the barn (my brother had left it out when he was here to mow), I washed my face with the Eminence Clear Skin kit that mom got me from her work, and I cleaned out our extremely messy bathroom drawer.

And I realize now that it’s only 11:30 in the morning.

Waking up early in the morning is an amazing thing because I feel like I get a lot more accomplished. Even though I absolutely love sleeping (typical teenager, correct?), I can tell myself that I can sleep in on the weekends. Since I realized yesterday that school starts in a month (Aug. 11), I told myself that I want to get on a schedule. Wake up at 8am on weekdays, and sleep in on the weekends. Start a routine. Wash face every morning, and clean up around the house before it gets out of hand. I know that I have the willpower to do it, and I am determined.

I also noticed that I’m kind of eager to get back to school. I think it has to do with having something to do all the time and being able to see friends everyday. Yeah, summer is great, but I like being in a steady routine. Call me weird, but hey, it’s a good mindset to have.

To end this off, I will excitedly say that it is exactly one week until my birthday!


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