I needed to update…

Hello guys! I just want to apologize for not posting in over a week, I haven’t really had much to say lately. I have been taking pictures and stuff lately though, so I’ll share some of those. It’s been really hot this week! We finally have nice weather, but I could do without the extreme temps. But I can’t complain because the rain is gone for now. {I just wish our a/c could keep up!}

Sooooo something that I am super excited about it coming up: school. *gasps* Yes, I am excited for school. It is officially less than 2 weeks away and it is back on August 11. We have been out since May 22 so I’m ready to get back to a schedule and see my friends and have something to do because I’m starting to become a hermit. Seriously. But, the Saturday right before it comes back, our family is going to Cedar Point {Roller Coaster Capital of the World}! 250px-Cedar_Point_Logo.svgI am so excited because I’ve never been there before and most of the people I know have been there multiple times. I’ve been preparing myself by watching POV videos of the roller coasters! So that’s something to look forward to – besides all the walking.

Sooooooo here are some of the pictures I’ve taken in the past 12 days (geez). Which are a lot. Which if you don’t like scrolling through countless pictures of my photography, here is a warninnnnng. Because there are more that I wanted to share than I realized.

book 005

scary clouds man 005 scary clouds man 007

scary clouds man 028 scary clouds man 038

phone pics 2 059

phone pics 2 063

bible and sky porn 003 bible and sky porn 011

bible and sky porn 013

selfies and salem 061

selfies and salem 074

nails and books 023

rosie the riveter 010 rosie the riveter 017

lake michigan 2 019

Oh. I forgot that I never said that we went to Lake Michigan again. Oops.

lake michigan 2 023

lake michigan 2 021 lake michigan 2 028

lake michigan 2 042

Okaaaaaay, so some of you might not consider certain photos in there “photography”, but to me those are all part of my photography style. I put lots of thought into all of those photos and I am so happy to share them with the people that read this 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Another thing that I failed to mention is that on Saturday, I went to see someone very close to me act as Snoopy in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. It was an amazing performance from all of the people in the play, but especially my Snoopy! I just wanted to take the time and acknowledge how proud of him I am. Because I am so proud, here is a picture of me and him after the play! {Also, during his Suppertime solo, he pulled me up and danced with me… in front of everyone}.

So that’s basically what’s been going on in my life! Woo. It’s a lot, but I guess that is what happens when I wait 12 days to post again!

Until next time {which won’t be as long as last time!},



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