My Favorites Tag

I was tagged by Dodgergirl to do this tag. {Also, I’m so sorry for my hiatus, but school has started back up and I have been dealing with a lot right now}.

So, let’s get this thing filled out!

Favorite Pizza Topping: Oh, dang. If I could choose just one favorite, it would be mushroom. Definitely mushroom.

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Baseball Team: I’m not a big fan of baseball, but I’d say the Tampa Bay Rays.

Favorite YouTube Channel: I don’t really watch a bunch of YouTube… but Dan & Phil have always been my favorite.

Favorite Candy: Snickers, Kit Kats, Sour Patch Kids, SweetTarts…

Favorite Music: Anything. I base my music interests by song, not artist or genre.

Favorite Subject: HISTORY. I’m a History buff. Also, I really like math.

Favorite Book: Too many.

Favorite Video Game: well… not really a gamer.. but I will sit and play iPad apps all day.

Favorite Animal: foxes

Favorite Friends: I don’t like choosing favorites, but it’d probably be my friend Rhiannon because we just click and she’s so easy to talk to.

That’s allllllll. Thank you for reading. And I apologize again for not posting in 9 days.  Much love.


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