A Life Update & Some Positivity for Your Saturday

Hello, it’s been another long period of time without blogging. Okay, there is a lot of updating to do. School’s been busy so I apologize for not updating as often, but I still care about you guys and I still enjoy blogging.

I am very impressed with myself in the education and homework department of school. So far I have 5 A+’s, 1 A, and 2 B+’s (which is EXTREMELY good for me because 5-6 classes I take are for college credit). I’ve been getting my homework done (for the most part) and I got a B on my first Accounting test! Whaaaaat?! I am so proud of myself.

ALSO, Mrs. E gave me a photo mission: take pictures of students for the Student of the Month. WHICH EQUALED GOING TO THEIR CLASSES, PULLING THEM OUT OF SRT, AND TAKING THEIR PICTURE. Which means hell for me. I decided to challenge myself and do the job, and in the end I felt so stinking proud of myself. And so did my teacher. After I did all the students, she told me “I am so proud of you for doing this. I know it is outside of your comfort zone, and I am proud of you.” It made my day. She is so caring and down to Earth as a teacher and that is a great quality to have.

This year I am deciding to move on from the issues and focus my energy on other things, such as friendships with new people (since there is officially 4 classes at our school and lots of opportunities at new friends), as well as doing more homework. I am hoping to achieve my goals. I am already talking to more sophomores (I have 2 classes with mainly sophomores because I decided to take Art this year vs. last year, and I am taking Mass Media again). The bus rides are hilariously fun as well. As much as I find myself being really sad, I find myself laughing a whole lot more lately.

Another thing I would like to update you all on, is my photography. I took some pictures here and there since the last time I updated that I want you to see.

104_4339 104_4360

104_4399 104_4402


I know that to some people it might not be classified as ‘photography’, but to me, it is.

Now, onto some positive pics to end your Saturday (from my Tumblr tag ‘positive’). 🙂

positive1 positive2 positive3 positive4  positive6positive7  positive8positive5

I really hope you all are having a good night/morning wherever you are! I am having a pretty good night myself. I am feeling very content with myself and it’s a great change.

Until next time,




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