“The world is quiet here.”

One thing I enjoy most about Saturday mornings is how quiet the house is when I wake up. Another thing I enjoy most is sleeping in, and waking up to my cat at my feet, sleeping along with me. I enjoy Saturday mornings because they are peaceful. I feel calm. I can think. I can read. I can even do homework. I can also break the silence by blasting the stereo and singing. I can clean, I can do lots of things when it is quiet, things I probably would be overwhelmed to do when it is noisy and chaotic.

Illustration Of Colorful Autumn LeavesAnother great thing about this Saturday that we are having fall-like weather. It is only 63 outside. I am loving it! I’ve just been enjoying myself. I should probably get up and do a few things, it would make me feel even greater. I’ve also decided that I will update my blog every Saturday, with the exception of a few posts here and there. I’ve noticed that I just get around to updating each Saturday since there’s no school and it’s a weekend and it’s also very slow compared to the weekdays. Most blogs I know update on a schedule anyway, but I promise I’m not going to be on a strict schedule! I’m just trying to update by Saturday. I know that this year is going to be hectic but I love blogging about things like this and sharing my photography so there is no way I can give this up! I love it too much.

Here are some photos I’ve taken today!

103_4509 103_4540 103_4639 103_4647

I felt pretty confident this morning, but I looked so tired. School is wearing me out. I have bags under my eyes. That’s just the truth of things. Not every picture is going to be made up. That is just reality. Makeup shouldn’t be worn all the time.

Well, to wrap things up, I hope everyone has had/is having a wonderful, positive Saturday!


Lots of love,



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