Quite The Weekend

Oh boy. Here I am, exhausted {but not tired}, on a Sunday night eager to talk about the most filled weekend I’ve had in a while.

Hold on to your seats, because some thought this day would never come {not for a million years, at least}.

I went and stayed the night at my dad’s house.

gasping gif


Yes, I did. For the first time in a year. For the first time since he moved out of his apartment and into his house.

Annnnd we didn’t bite each others heads off.

So I consider that an accomplishment.

They even made up a room for me upstairs {score!} and it is comfy. I’m happy with it.


However, that was only the middle of my weekend.

103_4781You see, my “weekend” “started” when I woke up on Thursday and Friday sicker than a dog and had to miss school {boo}. {And yes, I was actually sick}. So Thursday and Friday are typical resting sick days to try and help me get better.

So basically Kleenex and hot apple cider {also, not pictured: my bed/the couch} were my best friends for those 2 days. I still have a bad cough but at least I’m to the point where I’m coughing stuff up vs. dry coughs- which hurt. I still have some drainage as well. Oh well. I’m better enough to go to school and make up tests tomorrow {even though I don’t wanna}.

103_4795We were supposed to go to Johnny Appleseed Festival on Saturday morning {we go early to beat some of the crowds & the heat}. I WAS WOKEN UP AT MIDNIGHT AND 1AM DUE TO THUNDERSTORMS. And it rained & rained & rained. I woke up to rain and fog and humidity. Our plans = ruined. Which sucks, since Johnny Appleseed is a tradition. So that really bummed me out. And me, with my sick self and sore throat and stuffy nose and an emotional brain is really upset. Even though I could get pictures of rain drops on the windows {lol}. You know what’s even worse? IT GOT SUNNY AND BEAUTIFUL IN THE AFTERNOON. Grr. So we decided we’d go the next day {today}. But before that………..

I got a new hair color!!!

It’s this violet/reddish color {sometimes it looks purple, other times it has a more red tone} AND OF COURSE I TOOK SELFIES. Here’s one.


Now, we’re gettin’ to Johnny Appleseed time. I’ve got some pics to show- although I was disappointed in them vs. last year’s pics… I thought they’d be better. But here are some that I liked.

103_4919 103_4922 103_4927 103_4931 103_4932 103_4946

So there. That was my weekend. Now I must take my butt to bed since I have school tomorrow and a test make-up first thing in the AM.



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