Old Memories Flooded with New Ones

October 11.

That sounds like an ordinary date, right? Well, for me, it would have been a bad day. I won’t go into details. But, instead of moping around about it, I had an amazingly eventful and fun day, memories that could eventually override the old ones.

My mom and I, along with my little sister, went to our local zoo. We spent 5 hours there, and 381 pictures later, my grandpa took me downtown to take pictures of the autumn leaves. I was in bliss. I could not believe that the day I thought would be awful turned out to be an amazing one.

Today was the zoo’s last day of the season. It was awesome because this was the first time we have went in the fall, it was neat. There were corn stalks and pumpkins 103_5608all over the zoo. It was so cute. We decided to go right at the opening time (9am) since we didn’t want it to be too crowded at first. Even though it was chilly, it was cool seeing how different the angle of the sun was and how lively some of the animals were. We even heard Bill, the male lion, roar! I don’t know what my favorite part was out of all of it (since I love going to the zoo), but I’m a sucker for the fish and aquarium areas. However, I did enjoy seeing the orangutans (and the cute baby!).

103_5668  103_5678

103_5680  103_5681

103_5890  103_5882

After this wonderful adventure, my grandpa took me and my grandma downtown because he wanted to take her on a walk as well as me wanting to take pictures. I got gorgeous pictures, even though we were about a week too early for most trees. Here are just some of the pictures I took.

104_5985  104_6005

104_6010  104_5987

That’s all I’ll share for now! I’m sure I’ll come back later and share some more with you… hahaha. Well, it’s off to bed for me, I have a Spell Bowl competition tomorrow – an invitation.

Until next time,



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