Late at night, yet still awake


It’s late. Or should I say early? Whatever. School’s been bothering me lately. I don’t know if it’s just me and my motivation giving out, or if it’s the school itself. EAU is wonderful, but it’s been kicking my butt lately.

I, the person who usually cried when missing school, am wanting to stay home all the time.

I, the person who usually obsesses over homework and grades, am not caring anymore.

What is it? Is it just junior year? Will it ever get better?

I have to ask Him, I have to ask Him why He isn’t showing up in me like I want Him to. I need Him more than ever right now, but I guess I’m not trying hard enough.


I’m worrying if I’m ranting too much. Am I? I mean, I haven’t blogged in a month and I guess you can see why now. I haven’t been feeling it lately. And how ironic, the last post I posted was about positive thinking. Ha, how much a month can do.

Looking back, not much bad stuff has really happened; in fact, more good things have happened recently than the bad. So why am I stuck on these bad things? My teacher won teacher of the month because of one of my nominations, our team made it to state and completed 2nd in the state for our class, I’ve found great friends, I’m not failing my classes, my mom put up Christmas decor. So maybe I should be focusing on happy things versus sad things. It’s a hard change to make, but I think I can do it.



I can, and I will, let love win this time. Goodnight, guys. I will update my blog as soon as my mom has more Christmas up 🙂



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