Today’s Whereabouts

Okay, so my dad had only 3 fish in this really big tank. We’ve all been trying to tell him “aye, you need new fish” but he never took us to go buy new ones.

WELL, today we all convinced him to go get them! So he and I, along with my 3 siblings, piled into the car to go get our fish (we each picked one out, meaning we got 5 NEW FISH!!


We may have also stopped by my mom’s work to see her.

We also went to Pet Smart to check out the “cool pets” including birds, guinea pigs, and snakes. Then we trekked over to Meijer and each picked out our wonderful fish.

2015-11-28 04.08.40 1.jpg

Dad’s fish
Mine and Nathan’s fish – mine is on the left and Nate’s is on the right
Zachary and Emily’s fish – Zach’s on the left and Em’s is on the right



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