A Thought

Death is the only inevitable thing in life, yet we are never fully prepared for that moment.

Whether our life may be long or short, we are all going to die. It’s the only thing certain about our lives. Yet every time it comes around, it hits us like a brick wall.

Let’s be honest. We never know which way is the easiest. Do you want to know that you or someone is going to die so you have time to mentally prepare yourself, or do you want it to happen suddenly? Both ways are definitely hard – someone’s dying in the end. You’re losing that special someone to you. Whether it be you, a family member, or a friend, you’re never ready for something so inevitable.

I’m talking about this because I just recently lost someone very special to me, in fact, it’s the first person that I’ve felt this saddened about in my lifetime. I’ve lost a grandmother before, but this was 8 years ago when I was too young to really know what was happening. This time around, losing my grandmother sucked. In fact it still does. But she was a fighter. She fought Parkinson’s disease for an impressive time of 31 (almost 32) years. That’s a long ass time with the disease. Yet, she or my grandfather never let it get in the way. She lived such a fulfilling life. It’s very hard, but it eases my mind that she is not in suffering anymore. She’s my guardian angel – I’m sure of it. I’m sure she gained her wings as soon as she left us here on Earth.

She’ll always be my sunshine.


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