Round 2 of 100 happy days… 100 more days of seeking positivity in the little things!

I officially finished my 100 happy days challenge two days ago (04/07/16). It was set back a few times for understandable reasons, so I finished about a month later than planned. However, I am going to do 100 more days! It was awesome being able to look for the little things in life that make me happy each day. Many times I have gone by looking at just the negatives and I dwell on that, even if some of the day was good. Looking back at my pictures for the last 100+ days, I’ve noticed that I take life a little granted. I often don’t realize how many happy moments I really have! That is why I’m doing a round 2 of this challenge. If all goes well and stays on track, it should last until July 16 (that means my birthday will be a part of it!) (-:

Here were my favorite moments from my first round of the 100 happy days challenge (which began 12/01/15)…

On Day 4, my math teacher let me draw on his SmartBoard and he pretended to be the Grinch and steal the Christmas tree.


On Day 8, I had to give a speech, but I broke down during and right after it. My teacher wrote me this sweet note. I don’t know what I’d do without her at school.


On Day 25, I got a new camera and my cat was more than interested in it. He’s so nosy, but I love him!


On Day 27, my older siblings (and my nieces/nephew) took us on a “Siblings Bowling Day” for Christmas and took us out to Pizza Hut afterwards.


On Day 43, I had a 2 hour delay, my mom took me to get a McDonld’s caramel mocha, and I wore my grandma’s old shirt. Such a happy day.


On Day 56, my little brother turned 11! We were glad to give my grandpa some much needed company (and cake!)


On Day 68, my grandpa invited me to Coney Island, and although my mom was already going to bring pizza home, I said yes; because I can’t say no to my grandpa and coney dogs!


On Day 84, my grandpa gave away my grandma’s clothes. Although it was bittersweet, he let me have whatever I wanted of hers. I grabbed this cardigan that makes me feel closer to her (they also match my shoes which is a plus).


On Day 96, my mom took me out to eat at my favorite pizza place (Sbarro’s) before taking me prom dress shopping. I did find the dress!!!


On Day 98, my older brother was in town so he and his family stopped by, along with my older sister, and I always love having them around. I love them so much.


I can’t wait for another 100 days of seeking the positives in life! It really, really helps! Especially looking back at the 100 pictures. If you are interested in seeing the rest of my challenge & my new challenge as it goes on, feel free to look at my Instagram, which I will link here (there is also a social media icon/my 6 most recent posts on the side of my blog!)



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