If I could be honest for just a second, here’s what I would say…

School started a month ago and I already hate it again. I was so excited in the days leading up to it, so why does this happen just a short month after?

I see myself half-assing assignments, half-assing friendships, and half-assing my life in general. What happened? Maybe it’s the work load, maybe it’s my conscience, maybe it’s just the weather outside.

I got put into some pretty tough classes this year. I have U.S. Government and First Aid and Intro to World Lit and Cultural Diversity and Spanish and Anatomy & Physiology and English 12 and finally, Finite Math. Thankfully there’s only 4 a day and a study hall in there. Blue days and gold days. Blue days and gold…every year since freshmen year I’ve been handed some pretty bad gold day classes that have a shit load of homework in them, but this year, it’s both my blue AND my gold day classes. I’m depressed and stressed and frustrated and annoyed. I have 3 English classes this year. 3x the papers, 3x the reading, ON TOP OF my other classes. I should just be thankful for block scheduling.

I need to step it up. I really, really, really do. I can’t keep half-assing everything.

You have to fight through the bad days in order to earn the best days.

And I’ll try…



2 thoughts on “If I could be honest for just a second, here’s what I would say…

  1. I am sad to say, I wanted to go to school to, but it made it easier for me to drag myself down and feed on my depressions. I quit. And I got a job instead, a low class job some would say, but I acctualy quite like it, so when I have my dark periods now, I don’t just lay there and get lost, I now get up, go to work, and are lost. If that makes any sence. If school is important to you, you just have to find a way to make it something that you’ll want to get up for everyday, no matter how dark the day is.

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