Exploring Fort Wayne

Today was so gloomy but I made plans to go to the library downtown with my friend to work on our papers for English. I wasn’t looking forward to it because it was raining outside, but did anyway.

We stayed there for a few hours…

…but then went driving around looking at street art!! It was so fun and so amazing to see so much talent on buildings!!

(I do not own any of this beautiful art)

First we went to the side of Pint & Slice downtown.

Mural by NoseGo.

After taking these pictures we walked around downtown a little bit.

Then we drove around for a little bit and accidentally found this art!

Mural by @tobiasstudios on Instagram.

We then decided to go to Hyde Brothers, Booksellers because they had a cool mural AND I’ve always wanted to go inside the old used bookstore.

Mural by Julia Meek.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here are some photos on the inside! I loved Scout, one of their bookstore cats! ❤

After Hyde Bros., we went to Wunderkammer Company which was beautiful!

I’m not sure who did some of these pieces, but there’s some signed art if you look on some of the close ups.

It was so fun being able to see this art with my best friend today!

Until next time,

S.L. ❤


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