A Look Back Through High School

As the school year ends and I get ready to graduateΒ in 3 days, I just wanted to reflect back on my time at EAU and how much it has changed my life.

I cannot imagine not going to EAU after all these years, it was the best decision I have ever made and I was the young age of 13 at the time. The faculty and students are amazing and make everyone feel welcome and a part of the EAU “family”. It was not like any other high school that I’ve seen. Our classes develop such a tight bond by the end of senior year because we don’t gain any new students throughout the years.

I have grown so much in my time at EAU and I am so appreciative of the teachers who helped that happen. Lots of encouragement and time spent to help better my skills. I will miss my teachers soooo much, but I feel so ready for college after going to EAU and earning my Associate’s degree already.

I will definitely miss all of the people, good memories, and comfort of my high school.













Here’s to the last 4 years of high school and to what awaits in the future!


A Look Back on 2016

WARNING! Photo overload!! If you don’t want to scroll through a ton of photos just stop here. πŸ™‚

Some of these photos aren’t in order because it would take forever if I tried to do that. I tried the best I could though. 2016 seemed like a really bad year overall, but looking back on all of my photos from this year, I can say that it’s been a pretty good one.

I got my fish, Johnston.
I lettered in Student Publications!
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My friend and I went to a butterfly exhibit.
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I took a picture like this the last time we had went too!
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My friend and the giant cactus.
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Memorial Day with family.
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Spontaneous trip to Indiana Dunes!
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Another from Indiana Dunes.
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Saw fireworks for the 4th at Parkview Field.
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Did some beach reading.
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It wasn’t as sunny as the previous trip but it was still nice.
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We got a new cat named Oliver!
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Went to the 3 Rivers Festival downtown!
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Saw fireworks for the end of the festival.
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We went to Cedar Point!
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My grandpa took me and my siblings to the zoo.
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I celebrated my 17th year.
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Prince passed away this year and there was a tree at the Embassy celebrating him.
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The Festival of Trees at the Embassy!
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Went to several lunches/dinners with my grandpa to keep him company (and have pie!!).
Easter egg coloring with my siblings.
I finally got some of my pictures printed!!
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Having my nieces, nephew, brother, and sisters over was really great.
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I read this amazing book after not reading for a while.
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Adventures with my grandpa.
Spent lots of time with my amazing mother!
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Went to a concert for my Music Appreciation paper.
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Dissected things in Plant/Animal Biology with my best friend.
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From the butterfly exhibit.
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I love our senior class! We won the back to school bash!
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Got inducted into National Honor Society!
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Celebrated this man’s 80th year.
They are just adorable.

Here’s to 2017!!


hello april

I cannot believe it is April already. This year has been flying past and I still haven’t caught up to it yet.Β  I can’t believe in just over a month my junior year will be done already… and the seniors will be off going their separate ways. They’re already graduating from Vincennes this month! I can’t believe it. It’s just unbelievable. I’m basically going to be aΒ  senior in high school come May. Wow. Never in a million years did 2017 feel so close. All throughout my schooling 2017 felt out of reach… I can’t believe it will already be my graduation year. I also go to my prom this year… April 23rd. I’ve got my dress, jewelry, ticket… I only need the shoes. It feels so real. I can’t believe it’s happening. It’s so exciting.

Peeling away from school, this Spring Break has been just what I’ve needed. It’s already Tuesday night and I just don’t want school to come yet! I am loving the sleeping in. Once Spring Break is over, the school year will fly by even faster. I will enjoy my break, thank you… haha.

parkinsons disease awareness.jpg

April is also Parkinson’s disease awareness month. As some of you know, my grandma had Parkinson’s disease for almost 32 years until it caught up to her this year. She was a champ :’) For those of you who don’t know what Parkinson’s disease is, it is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a chronic progressive neurological disease chiefly of later life that is linked to decreased dopamine production in the substantia nigra and is marked especially by tremor of resting muscles, rigidity, slowness of movement, impaired balance, and a shuffling gait” It truly is a heartbreaking disease to watch someone you love go through.

I also can’t believe that my sister turns the big 10 this month! Double digits! She’s as sassy as ever and she’s got a heart of gold (when she wants), and I just can’t believe she’s already going to be in the double digits. Like, woah.

Oh, and we can’t forget the amazing pictures I’ve already taken in these short 5 days in April already! ; -) By the way, the first blue sky, white clouds picture & the snow on the windshield were taken on the same day!

So hello April!



Hello 2016

WARNING: Really long…

2016. Holy cow. How is it already 2016? It feels like it was just the start of 2015. 2016 is going to be a big year. I will be turning 17, my sister will be turning 10, the seniors will be graduating (being the first class to graduate at our school), and I’ll complete my first half of senior year… woah.

2015 was also a big year. There were a lot of ups and downs, and lots of different emotions.

Some highlights included going to Lake Michigan twice, going to 3 Rivers Festival with my mom, turning “Sweet 16”, fixing my relationship with my father, starting my junior year of high school, greatly improving my photography, going to Cedar Point for the first time, going to the zoo, driving for the first time, finding new friends, and finally loving myself enough to a point where I’m comfortable.

I am so grateful for everything that happened in 2015. Even though some of the things weren’t ideal at the time, it really shaped who I am today, and will be in the future.

2015 8

From when my mom, my brother, and I went bowling in March!

Going around Fort Wayne with my grandpa for a History project.

2015 4

My mom and I spent a lot of time together.

Spending Memorial Day weekend + a few extra days with my brother, sister in law, and niece/nephew.


Gay marriage was legalized in the United States!

This is from when my mom and I went out to Target and Bandido’s when we lost power for a couple days.

Lake Michigan: the first time.

I turned 16 this year!

3 Rivers Festival with my mom!

Lake Michigan: the second time.

Photography adventure with my grandpa: part 1.

2015 30.jpg

We got the old truck started up and he drove me and my grandma across the street around the church parking lot a few times.

Cedar Point for the first time ever.

2015 3.jpg

I began my junior year in high school!

2015 1

The girls! At the skating rink for a school skating party!

My favorite… going to the zoo with my mom and sister.

2015 29.jpg

Celebrating my grandpa’s birthday.

When my grandpa took me and my brother on a nature walk at Lindenwood.

Then he took just me on a nature walk at Fox Island.

Our Spell Bowl team placed 2nd at the State Competition at Purdue!

2015 31

This is me, DRIVING. For the first time. It only took 16.5 years… I finally got over my fear (just a little bit, but enough to actually get behind the wheel on a country road).

2015 6

Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house!

2015 7

Christmas morning with my family.

Here’s to the beginning of a new year (Sparkling Welch’s style).