5 Days Until My World Turns Upside Down

That’s right, 5 days from now I will be moving into my college dorm for my freshmen year. It is exciting, nerve-wracking, and overall completely terrifying. It is such a huge step in my life and I am kind of ready for it? But kind of not at the same time. It is at this moment where I have to rely on all of the life skills my parents taught me, where I have to lean on God more than ever, and where I just have to trust in Him and myself that I am going to be okay. It has been a long road coming, but I cannot believe it’s getting down to the end where my mom hands off the baton and sets me free. I keep trying to tell myself “hey, it’s okay” and to hone in the anxiety, I have to keep telling myself that she will miss me but it’s okay if we don’t talk 24/7. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m an adult now and there’s responsibility. I am not a kid anymore. It is so scary. This post is short, but trust me; my list of worries is a mile long. I can’t wait to see how my dorm room turns out though! πŸ™‚

Life is Good

When life is good, I post less and less, even if I do take lots of pictures. That’s where I found myself this past week. I spent the week with my brother and his family about an hour and a half away. I took so many pictures but we were so busy that I didn’t have much time to post any! Because of that, I am going to share some here today!!! I already miss them so much.


This is the best that I’ve felt in a long time and being an aunt is so rewarding.

A Look Back Through High School

As the school year ends and I get ready to graduateΒ in 3 days, I just wanted to reflect back on my time at EAU and how much it has changed my life.

I cannot imagine not going to EAU after all these years, it was the best decision I have ever made and I was the young age of 13 at the time. The faculty and students are amazing and make everyone feel welcome and a part of the EAU “family”. It was not like any other high school that I’ve seen. Our classes develop such a tight bond by the end of senior year because we don’t gain any new students throughout the years.

I have grown so much in my time at EAU and I am so appreciative of the teachers who helped that happen. Lots of encouragement and time spent to help better my skills. I will miss my teachers soooo much, but I feel so ready for college after going to EAU and earning my Associate’s degree already.

I will definitely miss all of the people, good memories, and comfort of my high school.













Here’s to the last 4 years of high school and to what awaits in the future!


A Very Merry Christmas

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This year the holidays were a little bit harder without my grandma here with us for our annual Christmas Eve get-together at their house, but through & through it was a very good holiday filled with laughs and good memories.

On the night before Christmas Eve we made Christmas cookies and listened to Disney songs and watched YouTube videos for an hour or more until 1am.

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On Christmas Eve my mom & siblings & I all got together before we went to our grandparent’s house and watched old Christmas videos. First we saw some from my mom’s time (1994-96 I believe) then we watched some from my childhood (2002-06). I am so grateful for those videos. I got to see both of my late grandmothers again and hear their voices and see their love. I miss them both.

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Then yesterday morning we opened gifts from my mom and watched A Christmas Story and shared laughs and ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We then went to my dad’s house and opened gifts from him & his girlfriend which was so sweet of them. We had tacos for dinner and birthday cake for Jesus (complete with candles and singing HBD to him). It’s been a pretty good holiday.

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God bless all of you and I hope those of you who celebrate this holiday had a good one!

β€œFor a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

A Look Back on 2016

WARNING! Photo overload!! If you don’t want to scroll through a ton of photos just stop here. πŸ™‚

Some of these photos aren’t in order because it would take forever if I tried to do that. I tried the best I could though. 2016 seemed like a really bad year overall, but looking back on all of my photos from this year, I can say that it’s been a pretty good one.

I got my fish, Johnston.
I lettered in Student Publications!
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My friend and I went to a butterfly exhibit.
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I took a picture like this the last time we had went too!
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My friend and the giant cactus.
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Memorial Day with family.
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Spontaneous trip to Indiana Dunes!
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Another from Indiana Dunes.
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Saw fireworks for the 4th at Parkview Field.
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Did some beach reading.
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It wasn’t as sunny as the previous trip but it was still nice.
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We got a new cat named Oliver!
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Went to the 3 Rivers Festival downtown!
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Saw fireworks for the end of the festival.
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We went to Cedar Point!
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My grandpa took me and my siblings to the zoo.
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I celebrated my 17th year.
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Prince passed away this year and there was a tree at the Embassy celebrating him.
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The Festival of Trees at the Embassy!
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Went to several lunches/dinners with my grandpa to keep him company (and have pie!!).
Easter egg coloring with my siblings.
I finally got some of my pictures printed!!
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Having my nieces, nephew, brother, and sisters over was really great.
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I read this amazing book after not reading for a while.
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Adventures with my grandpa.
Spent lots of time with my amazing mother!
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Went to a concert for my Music Appreciation paper.
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Dissected things in Plant/Animal Biology with my best friend.
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From the butterfly exhibit.
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I love our senior class! We won the back to school bash!
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Got inducted into National Honor Society!
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Celebrated this man’s 80th year.
They are just adorable.

Here’s to 2017!!

If I could be honest for just a second, here’s what I would say…

School started a month ago and I already hate it again. I was so excited in the days leading up to it, so why does this happen just a short month after?

I see myself half-assing assignments, half-assing friendships, and half-assing my life in general. What happened? Maybe it’s the work load, maybe it’s my conscience, maybe it’s just the weather outside.

I got put into some pretty tough classes this year. I have U.S. Government and First Aid and Intro to World Lit and Cultural Diversity and Spanish and Anatomy & Physiology and English 12 and finally, Finite Math. Thankfully there’s only 4 a day and a study hall in there. Blue days and gold days. Blue days and gold…every year since freshmen year I’ve been handed some pretty bad gold day classes that have a shit load of homework in them, but this year, it’s both my blue AND my gold day classes. I’m depressed and stressed and frustrated and annoyed. I have 3 English classes this year. 3x the papers, 3x the reading, ON TOP OF my other classes. I should just be thankful for block scheduling.

I need to step it up. I really, really, really do. I can’t keep half-assing everything.

You have to fight through the bad days in order to earn the best days.

And I’ll try…


Long time, no see

First off, I would like to say hello again! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post, and a lot has happened between now and then. I guess I don’t know how to word things into posts sometimes, or sometimes the thought slips, or sometimes I just plain put it off. Life happens. That is what I keep writing in my bullet journal every time I miss a chunk of time. “Life happens.” I realize looking back at my previous posts I have only posted 5 blog posts since I went on summer break…

My summer break was full and fun, boring at times, but it was a pretty good summer. To list most of the things I did, here they are (with possible pictures available):

Went to Lake of the Woods for Memorial Day

Hung out with 2 of my friends

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Coffee date
  • Kroger, TCBY, & the library

Went to several Friday night live concerts with my grandpa

Went to Indiana Dunes (2x)

  • Spontaneous trip with aunt & mom
  • Planned trip with my mom, my siblings, & my mom’s friend/her kids

Saw fireworks (2x)

  • Patriotic Pops concert
  • Three Rivers Festival

Went to Cedar Point

Celebrated my birthday

Adopted a new kitten (his name is Oliver and we got him on Salem’s “adoptaversary”)

Went to Zesto with my grandpa

Went to the zoo

  • I will make a separate post for this because there are so many pictures from that day.

Babysat my nieces & nephew (& dog niece)

My summer was filled to the brim with good memories. Now I hope my last year of high school is just as great.

Talk to you soon! (I promise)