Easter Prep & Econ Assignments

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI can’t believe tomorrow is Easter! We’re also officially a week away from my senior prom. I can’t believe how fast this year is going.

It was close to 80 degrees here in IN today so it was the perfect day to go out and get my Econ assignment done. My teacher gave us the option between 3 different 100 point assignments and I chose the one where I have to go around to different businesses and take a selfie with their logo or product. My best friend drove me to the mall since I can’t drive and it was so beautiful at the outdoor mall!

We spent tonight coloring Easter eggs and making some food for tomorrow’s Easter dinner with my grandpa!

I hope that everyone who celebrates Easter has a wonderful holiday with their families!

God bless

Today’s Happenings: Registering for School

Today, August 5th, I officially registered as a junior in high school. Soooooo freaking crazy to think that I only have 2 years left until I get thrown out into the “real world”, but I will just live for the mom40ent right now. I am eager about my classes. I got my schedule today – which means I can finally do back to school shopping. I now have 4 classes a day, plus a study hall. I always seem to get the “easy” classes on Blue Days {we are on block scheduling, so every other day classes}, it has been this way since the beginning of my freshmen year. The first 5 that are highlighted blue are blue day classes, and the second 5 that are highlighted yellow are gold day classes. Something new this year is that they scheduled in a Study Hall. Last year and the year before, we had just 4 classes a day for 80 minutes.

I am hoping to set some goals for myself and actually STICK WITH THEM. Some of the goals I have in mind areeee:

  • shoot for all a’s {or the best to my ability}
  • compliment at least 3 people a day
  • finish blue day hw on blue day and gold day hw on gold day
  • ask for help when needed
  • be nice
  • overcome some of my social anxiety
  • maybe try out for a school play?
  • take plenty of pictures {aka don’t be afraid to take pictures}

I am DETERMINED to make this school year great!!!